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9U (Grand Slam) Year of Birth  2012-13

Grand Slam is a level that is similar to Rally Cap and also provides the opportunity to play against other teams.  Teams usually practice once a week.  Kids also get their first experience in games against other communities, one game a week on Wednesdays.  Teams consist of 6 players with lots of defensive chances and at-bats for each kid.  Teams follow a schedule and the season ends in late June with a fun tournament called the Carillon Grand Slam Jamboree.  

Please visit the coaches contact page for all team contacts. 


Coaches Handbook (updated for 2019)

For all coaches, managers and parents, please view the 2019 Carillon Minor Baseball Association Grand Slam Handbook which identifies the goals and rules provided at the Grand Slam level.  The document can be downloaded by clicking here


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