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2019 Umpire Clinics available in the Carillon Region

(Please register online at the link provided)

April 13th Kleefeld Rec Centre

Level 1    http://www.baseballmanitoba.ca/level-1-umpire-clinic-31

April 27 Beausejour Sun Gro Centre

Level 1   http://www.baseballmanitoba.ca/level-1-umpire-clinic-34

Level 2    http://www.baseballmanitoba.ca/level-2-umpire-clinic-18

May 4th Iles Des Chenes Trans-Canada Centre

Level 1   http://www.baseballmanitoba.ca/level-1-umpire-clinic-42

May 5th Iles Des Chenes Trans-Canada Centre

Level 2  http://www.baseballmanitoba.ca/level-2-umpire-clinic-26

May 4th HyLife Centre La Broquerie

Level 1  http://www.baseballmanitoba.ca/level-1-umpire-clinic-43 


2019 CMBA Umpires

Umpire In Chief: Dave Forde - 204-227-1057 - fordeofcanada@gmail.com

2018 Umpire Mileage Chart: click here to view

Umpire Contact List:  xls or pdf (updated May 1st, 2019)

The use of uncertified umpires puts all of Carillon Minor Baseball at risk, as it invalidates the insurance for both teams involved and the league.  It also places the uncertified person in extreme risk.  To dissuade this, the league rules state that if an association uses an uncertified umpire they will be fined.

CMBA Umpire Fees

Bantam/Midget- League assigns umpires for Bantam and Midget, but home team provides payment.  Bantam and Midget umpire fees listed below already include mileage fees. (If mileage would need to be paid, the ump in chief will inform the home team in advance).
Bantam- 2 Man $40 each  1 man $70
Midget- 2 man $50 each  1 man $80
Home team is responsible to find umpires for mosquito and peewee games.  Fees below do not include mileage and mileage fees should be paid for anything over 20 km. 
Peewee- 2 man $25 each 1 man $45
Mosquito-2 man $20 each 1 man $35