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CMBA Umpire Fees
2 man $20 ea  
1 man $35
Pee Wee
2 man $25 ea  
1 man $45  
Plate $40 bases $30
1 man $55    
Plate $45  bases $35
1 man - $70
(only in emergency situations) 
2016 CMBA Umpires

Umpire In Chief: Dave Forde - 204-227-1057 - fordeofcanada@gmail.com

Umpire Town Phone  Email Address age
Dennis Brannen Beausejour 204-268-1199 dbrannen@mymts.net adult
Kevin Crouch Beausejour 204-268-2806 crouch@mymts.net adult
Carter Fuerst Beausejour 204-266-2485 rheastub@mymts.net minor
Jevon Knight Beausejour 204-619-1217 knightsare@gmail.com minor
Justin Powers Beausejour 204-268-3558 sjpowers@mymts.net minor
Brendan Honkey Beausejour 204-268-2429 dlhonkey@mymts.net minor
Dylan Liske Beausejour 204-268-3567 dtliske@hotmail.com minor
Ryan Konrad Blumenort 204-392-2468 ryankonrad@live.ca adult
Rylan Penner Blumenort 204-371-6348 rick.penner@mb.penn-co.com minor
Rick Knutt Emerson 204-373-2603   adult
Tyler Tucker Grunthal      
Marcus Friessen Grunthal 204-434-6566 mar69@mymts.net minor
Ken Friessen Grunthal 204-434-6566 mar69@mymts.net adult
Noah Boschman  Grunthal 204-346-1585 josiesboschman@gmail.com minor
Liam Boschman Grunthal 204-346-1585 josiesboschman@gmail.com minor
Nathan LeMay Grunthal 204-434-9014 nathanlemay@ymail.com adult
Grayden Wall Kleefeld 204-377-4772 jswall@mts.net minor
jordan lajoie La broquerie 204-381-6024 lajoie_jordan@hotmail.com adult
Yanykk Nadeau La Broquerie 204-392-5982 mitchnadeau@hotmail.com minor
Meech Nadeau La Broquerie 204-424-9593 mitchnadeau@hotmail.com minor
Christian Turenne La Broquerie 204-424-5942 rice_turenne@hotmail.com minor
Rice Turenne La Broquerie 204-424-5942 rice_turenne@hotmail.com adult
Raymond Hiebert La Broquerie 204-905-2255 raymondhiebert@gmail.com adult
Russ Khin La broquerie 204-424-9395 russkhin@mts.net adult
Ethan Funk Landmark 204-355-9662 jf@jasonfunkdesign.com minor
Owen Plett Landmark 204-355-5061 bplett2@gmail.com minor
Tyler Kennedy Landmark 204-355-9122 leanne.kennedy@newdirections.mb.ca minor
Hudson Skjaerlund Landmark 204-355-4122 myjourney@mts.net minor
Zach Giesbrecht Landmark 204-355-5178 ngiesbrecht@hsd.ca minor
Kaydyn Forbes Lorete 204-878-9449 robinsonm@blsd.ca minor
Andre Bitchok Lorette 204-799-2156 andrejb@hotmail.ca adult
Brayden Samborski Lorette 204-878-2878 tanyasamborski@gmail.com minor
Josh Ireland Lorette  204-915-5593 obfish@gmail.com minor
Kinley peters Lorette 204-878-2861 kinley@live.ca minor
Brycen Wiebe Mitchell 204-326-7560 corey3kwiebe@gmail.com minor
Kade Lepp Mitchell 204-371-5546 greg@rotessa.com minor
Trey Lepp mitchell 204-371-5546 greg@rotessa.com minor
Sawyer Thiessen Mitchell 204-346-1085 joeteetime@gmail.com minor
Owen Wiebe Mitchell 204-392-8068 chwiebe@yahoo.ca minor
Ron Hiebert Niverville 204-388-6612 hieberts@mymts.net adult
Nathan Rempel Niverville 204-388-4680 rempel105@mymts.net minor
Jordan Lajoie Richer 204-381-6024 lajoie_jordan@hotmail.com adult
Liam Lenton Richer 204-371-0261 liamlenton61@hotmail.ca minor
Kyle Copper Sprague 204-437-4655 kyleatv98@gmail.com adult
Rob Stradeski Sprague 204-431-2752 robstradeski@hotmail.com adult
Linden Meilleur st. adolphe 204-883-2958 donmeilleur@mts.net minor
Don Meillieur st. adolphe 204-883-2958 donmeilleur@mts.net adult
Stephane Lagasse st. adolphe 204-883-2453 lagasse5@shaw.ca minor
Tyler Forest St. Malo 204-712-0930 tforest@live.ca minor
Chad Dearborn St. Malo 204-347-5143 chadb1@hotmail.com adult
Luc Poirier St.Adolphe 204-883-2422 gcpoirier5@gmail.ca minor
Andrew Wilkinson Steinbach 204-297-0155 agwilks@outlook.com adult
Murray Lawrance Steinbach 204-326-5407 lawrances@yahoo.com adult
Markus Goertzen  Steinbach 204-326-2175 markusgoertzen@hotmail.com adult
Shabyn Wiebe Steinbach 204-355-8314 shawnwiebe@hotmail.com minor
Shawn Wiebe Steinbach 204-355-8314 shawnwiebe@hotmail.com adult
Garrret Mantey Steinbach 204-326-5403 garret82@live.ca adult
Kalen Hildebrand Steinbach 204-326-5024  teresalovessummer@gmail.com minor
Burke Heide Steinbach 204-346-0539 kdheide@mts.net minor
Haleigh Zimmerman Vassar 204-437-2825 Cole79@mynetset.com minor
Jeremy Culleton Vassar   jeremy_culleton@warroad.k12.mn.us adult
Hunter Doerksen Zhoda/Vita 204-392-4938 doerksen.h@yahoo.ca minor

2016 Umpire Mileage Chart : click here to view


The use of uncertified umpires puts all of Carillon Minor Baseball at risk, as it invalidates the insurance for both teams involved and the league.  It also places the uncertified person in extreme risk.  To dissuade this, the league rules state that if an association uses an uncertified umpire they will be fined.