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2023 CMBA Umpires

Umpire In Chief: Kevin Smith kltsmith69@hotmail.com  

Carillon will host the following umpire clinics - 
April 15 Level 2 - IDC - 8:30am-4:00pm
April 23 Level 1 - Beausejour - 9am-4:30pm
May 13 Level 1 - La Broquerie - 8:30am-4:00pm
These will be the only dates available in Carillon, but umpires can register for any of the clinics hosted across the province. 


Umpire Contact List: 2022 Umpire List (updated May 18, 2022)  

* 2023 Umpire List will be posted once all clinics have been completed *


CMBA Umpire Fees

15U/18U- League assigns umpires for 15U/18U, but home team provides payment. Fees listed below already include mileage.
2 umpire system $55 each umpire, 
1 umpire system $90
*5 INNING GAME (doubleheader)-
2 umpire system $45 each umpire per game,
1 umpire system $75 per game
Home team is responsible to assign and pay umpires for 11u and 13U games. Fee below includes mileage.  (Associations may choose to pay mileage to umpires if they see fit).    
13U- 2 umpire system $30 each umpire,  1 umpire system $50
11U-2 umpire system $25 each umpire, 1 umpire system $40